10 x Sparkly Colourful Glitter Cotton Crochet Thread Set by Curtzy - 92.95 Yards Crafts Knitting Yarn Lace Flowers Skein Skeins Balls - 929.50 Yards Total - Ideal for Beginners or Crochet Enthusiasts

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COLOURFUL THREAD: Our wonderful crochet thread is made from 100% soft cotton so it is extra strong & includes an amazing 10 assorted colours. These crochet balls are 2 ply & have been woven with strands of glitter entwined for a beautiful metallic effect. The great variety of threads in this bulk pack are perfect for adults or kids & can be used to make a variety of patterns & accessories including doilies, stuffed animals, baby blankets, dolls, phone charms, a keychain & many other gifts.
SIZE: Each colourful thread ball in our amazing set weighs 10 grams & holds 92.95 yards/ 85metres. That's a huge 929.50 yards/ 850 metres in total. Our thread is one of the best kits & crochet tools that you can buy. The thread comes in a handy display box which can be used to easily store & organise the thread with your other crochet hooks, knitting needles & craft supplies. The amount of thread & colours included in this kit offers great variety & choice, whatever project you want to complete
LARGE ASSORTMENT OF COLOURS: Our superior set of pearl crochet cotton thread is soft, silky & does not fluff or kink. It is one of the most colourful sets you can buy & includes a full range of beautiful rainbow colours & shades from light to dark. The set contains 10 crochet thread balls of assorted colours including pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, silver & grey. Our kit has all the colours you will ever need & is great for injecting a splash of colour into any craft project or pattern
LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident that this 10 x piece Crochet Thread set will be your favourite crochet, sewing and embroidery accessory, that we are offering a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee on each kit sold
VARIETY OF USES: Our sparkly multi use thread string is the best tool you will find for creating designs. It is perfect for crocheters & is also great for cross stitch, hand needle work, embroidery, friendship bracelets & many DIY crafts. It can be used with a variety of fabric such as wool, denim, lace, ribbon, cotton, leather, nylon, velcro or elastic. It can also be used for many projects including quilting, cushion making, upholstery design and repair & basic repair or alterations of clothes


10 Piece Set of Sparkly Glitter Crochet / Embroidery Thread by Curtzy
This crochet thread set is prefect for beginners or professionals. Create designs and bring your ideas to life or simply fix, alter or repair household items. The amount of thread and colours included in this kit offer great variety and choice, whatever project you want to complete. Simply choose a design, grab your fabric and set to work with your crochet hook set
br> What's Included:
10 Colourful crochet thread balls.

Dimensions: Each colourful thread ball in our high quality set weighs 10 grams and holds yards 92.95 / 85 metres. That's a huge 929.50 yards / 850 metres in total.